Thursday, 24 May 2012

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact Swatches

Jill Stuart is that rare brand which makes even a bonbon-nibbling, frilly-chiffon-wearing bit o' fluff like me want to run screaming from their Stepford-pink counters to shave all my hair off (and possibly my left boob) before rolling in a dung-heap en route to the filthy cave by a stinking cesspool which I shall henceforth call home.

It's really pink, yeah? 

Aesthetics aside, the products are generally meh -- I wanted to say lacklustre but as they are generally 99 parts chunky glitter : 1 part pigment, that seems misleading....
The Mix Blush Compacts are the exception, and the only reason I would brave a counter, risking aforementioned one-boobed cesspool cave scenario. Yes, the packaging is pure fairyfarts, but it is also functional -- the compacts are hefty, with a secure magnetised closure. Each blush comes with a very good quality rounded goat-hair retractable brush (which can be detached from the palette), big enough to swirl around all four pans and apply, and if half-retracted, precise enough to pick up colour from one pan alone -- though not all the pans are equally pigmented, so some are less usable solo than others. And the product itself is good-to-great depending on shade, the best ones being pigmented, blendable, versatile and famously long-lasting even in humid weather. 'Worst' is trickier -- but I personally would warn against 1 Baby Blush, 6 Fresh Apricot and 12 Candy Orange... the shades are not so unique that you couldn't find a superior dupe from another brand.
Candied-rose scent, which dissipates quickly once applied.

Currently there are 9 permanent shades in the lineup, with 2 limited edition ones for this spring/summer. I've split the swatches into 3 rough colour groupings -- these are all swirled swatches (all 4 shades together), 1 swipe made with the included brush.
Mix Blush Compacts (Made in Japan, 8g) retail for HK$370 or ¥4725.

blush swatch jill stuart mix blush compact 14 lantan honey 11 rose fairy 7 lovely tulip 1 baby blush
14 Lantana Honey (LE for SS2012) -- pigmented warm pink, sparse shimmer
11 Rose Fairy -- pigmented bright pink, sparse shimmer
7 Lovely Tulip -- cool, clear pink, medium pigment, very shimmery
1 Baby Blush -- soft pink, sheer, shimmery

Peachier Pinks
blush swatch jill stuart mix blush compact 15 strolling bee 12 candy orange 9 little bouquet 6 fresh apricot
15 Strolling Bee (LE for SS2012), warm rosy coral, medium pigment and shimmer
12 Candy Orange -- medium pigment and shimmer, difficult to swirl evenly but very close to Strolling Bee though slightly warmer
9 Little Bouquet -- pigmented peachy pink with very sparse shimmer
6 Fresh Apricot -- sheer and very shimmery warm apricot-pink

Uh... the rest
blush swatch jill stuart mix blush compact 13 milky strawberry 10 sweet biscuit 8 romantic poppy
13 Milky Strawberry -- pigmented soft neutral pink, very sparse shimmer
10 Sweet Biscuit -- pigmented warm browned rose, shimmery
8 Romantic Poppy -- pigmented muted coral rose, very shimmery

Official pan pics -- these bushes mix up pretty intuitively, so these give a better idea of the nuances within the different pinks or peaches, and also the four individual shades you would potentially be buying.


  1. I have never heard of this line, but these are very intriguing- your photos are the greatest. I love your blog (a newcomer). Thank you for all you do. I wonder if I could get my hands on these here in the US? xoxo Beth in Pgh ;-)

  2. Thanks so much, Beth :) I think the only US stockist right now is the Jill Stuart boutique in Soho, NY which takes phone orders. stocks most of the shades and ships internationally.

  3. I feel exactly the same. I am not impressed with the formula and quality. Give me Suqqu any day. I bought one a few years ago and sold it off. Aside from the pretty packaging there is nothing much else.

  4. Haha! I feel the same. All the twee tack leaves me cold and I am unable to take the products seriously. I have struggled to get past the ridiculously glittery eyeshadows (and I say this as a fan of sparkle) on previous visits to counters in HK/Japan, but I think perhaps I will give their blushes a little more attention in future :).

  5. thank you for the swatches! i got Little Bouquet as a gift and I am so glad the shimmer is sparse! Shimmery blushes aren't so much of my thing now...

    when i go to TW, i'll be taking a closer look at these and maybe bring back one or 2 more:)

    the brush is little scratchy though and won't be using it much, thought it's good for travelling/ touch ups. for normal usage i much prefer to use softer brushes like Lunasol :)

  6. You are friggin' hilarious!!!! I have a love-hate r/s with Jill Stuart too. I love their mixed blush compacts but everything else is too frilly, girly, and shimmery for someone like me who is pretty!

    Though on the retractable blush brush...the goat hair is the bomb but the retractable bit stinks. I washed my brush a few times and thought it was dry and retracted it back into its shell, but obviously I couldn't tell it was still moist inside so the whole brush turned mouldy. Was tres gross. You have been warned.

  7. Thanks guys, you make me feel slightly less monstrous :D

    Plue: Little Bouquet is hands down my favourite :) Your gifter has good taste!

    Beautybox: WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THAT I DON'T EVEN. *gags and throws all brushes into oven*